Madame La Yarn knits Wraps and Ponchos

Living in Santa Cruz is like living in art. It is a beautiful community on the Monterey Bay, with art all around. It is from here that Madame La Yarn creates hand crafted exquisite Wraps and Ponchos.

Knitted in beautifully textured designs and in a vast array of colors, the fiber or ribbon yarns are chosen with the intention of creating a unique accessory that will enhance any outfit in your wardrobe.

Many are one of a kind wearable art pieces.

Being very affordable, they are easy for travel as the pieces do not wrinkly and are light weight and cosy.

A Wrap or Poncho is just the right thing to throw over your shoulders, and with a comfy pair of jeans and a tee, your casual outfit is complete. A little metallic thread can add a dressier look.

I've been a shopper on ETSY for a few years and now I am creating my own ETSY store.

Whether it's an evening by the water, sipping a little wine, or enjoying your morning latte, one of Madame La Yarns' designs will be perfect for you. Let your color imagination loose and let Madame create for you.

Thank you for visiting my studio, it's so nice to meet you.